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Virtually maintenance free, Caesarstone’s hard, non-porous surfaces require no sealing to renew their luster and are simple to clean. In most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent is enough to keep your Caesarstone surfaces looking like new. If necessary, use a non-abrasive soft soap along with a non-scratch or delicate scrub pad. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse with clean water to remove residue. Please note that Caesarstone finishes other than Polished may require increased daily maintenance due to their unique patterns and finishes.
Stubborn Stains 
Caesarstone can withstand exposures to substances such as tea, coffee, red wine, oil, vinegar, curry, lemon juice etc. These stubborn stains can be effortlessly cleaned up with some simple steps: 
1. Caesarstone Cream Cleanser or CIF: Pour a small amount of Caesarstone Cream Cleanser or CIF onto the stain and mix with a little water. Simply clean in a gentle and small circular motion with a wet cloth or non-abrasive sponge (soaked in water) until the stain is removed. Rinse off the cleaning product and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.
2. Acetone or alcohol: For extra stubborn stains such as knife marks, pen marks and nail varnish, pour a generous amount of acetone into the stain and clean in a gentle and small circular motion with a cloth or non-abrasive sponge until the stain is removed. Rinse off the cleaning product and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel.
3. Mild Kitchen Bleach: For some extra stubborn stains, mild kitchen bleach may be required to remove the stain. This should only be used on Caesarstone light colours. Simply pour the mild bleach onto the stain and clean in a small circular motion. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. Do not leave bleach on the surface for extended periods of time (no more than 24 hours).
4. To remove adhered materials like gum and sticky food, first carefully scrape away the excess with a scraper, and then clean the surface as normal. 

*Never leave cleaning products on Caesarstone surfaces for extended periods of time (+24 hours).
*Do not use any abrasive pads to clean tougher stains as abrasives can damage the sheen of your countertop. 

Tough? Yes. Indestructible? No! 

Chemicals and cleaners to avoid 
Should your surface accidently be exposed to any potentially damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect. 
Heat Resistance 
Therefore, we recommend avoiding placing hot pots, pans and oven trays directly on your Caesarstone surface, instead always using a hot pad or trivet. 

Food Preparation 
Caesarstone surfaces are highly scratch resistant, however, when cutting, avoid using sharp objects such as knives directly on the surface. Always use a chopping board to avoid marks on your countertop. 
We invite you to take a look at our Care & Maintenance video here

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