3101 Piatto Black

3101 Piatto Black

Infinite. Versatile.

Piatto Black™ is the ultimate dark. Its fine granular appearance is complemented by a textured finish; enhancing a deeper, more intense black.

A recent shift towards darker rooms has rekindled designers’ interest in surfaces such as black granites, marbles and slate. This trend has its origins in recent daring design, bringing a stylish presence to interiors – especially in residential and commercial spaces where the effect becomes even more dramatic. Bold shapes revive both modernism and minimalism; however the new approach is to introduce natural material combinations that evoke a sense of warmth.

Highly durable, this captivating material guarantees the ease and care synonymous with all Caesarstone products.

Piatto Black™ is designed with versatility in mind: from graphic islands to splashbacks for a grander statement. As a countertop it is used freely in both kitchens and bathrooms, beautifully accompanying monochrome cabinetry and tiles.

Contemporary accents in the new dark kitchen include brass chrome and brushed copper finishes while larger co-ordinating surfaces include marble, medium to dark woodgrains and industrial concrete floors. In hospitality, Piatto Black™ combines with oxidised alloys and other blackened finishes to create a new atmosphere in bars, lobbies and restaurants.

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Care And Maintenance

  • Non-Porous
  • Clean with regular detergents
  • No sealing or waxing!
  • Heat resistant

Technical Information

  • Thickness: 13 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm
  • Finishes: Natural
  • Sizes: 1400 mm * 3000 mm