Microsoft Shanghai, China

Microsoft chose Caesarstone for the surfacing of its brand new Shanghai building. Microsoft Shanghai building is well programmed to support daily common functions such as private and open-space offices and meeting rooms as well as a large open-wide lobby, coffee corners, dining rooms, restrooms, bathrooms and even a nursery room and a game room. According to Zheng Chen from Shanghai Caesar International Co, Caesarstone's distributor in China, Microsoft's project required approximately 552 Caesarstone's slabs, set in various areas, covering approximately 2,000 square meters and playing a prominent role in the building's over-all design. Caesarstone's range of colors in use for the project are 2141 for flooring, wall paneling and stairs, 2020 for the windowsills, and 2030, 9141 and 2220 for a variety of countertops in kitchens, in the nursery room, game room, bathrooms and for the building's front desk.

As a busy organization, Microsoft facilities are planned to provide its staff with a comprehensive solution for a multi-function surrounding, employing almost every aspect of their daily routine. No doubt that the Microsoft success story, once again, provides a creditable proof of Caesarstone's products unique qualities​.