The Finishes


The extraordinary designs of Piatto Black™Black Tempal™ and Oxidian feature our latest ‘Natural’ finish, a slightly textured finish with a captivating satin sheen and unique sensory feel. Empira Black™ is available in Natural finish and also in our effortlessly elegant ‘Polished’ finish, high gloss and smooth to the touch.

Find out more about the finishes for each Caesarstone® design.

This slightly textured finish conjures up the emotional caress of stone, adding warmth to the grain so it conveys a uniquely sensorial touch. Its satin sheen gently reflects light, captivating the viewer and enhancing depth of colour.                  


Effortlessly elegant, this high gloss polish brings out the best in the colour by emphasising its features in high definition. Reflecting the shine of the times, it attracts light and illuminates kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, naturally making them look larger.

This sleek matte Concrete Finish is a lightly textured finish inspired by the tactile nature of smooth concrete. It offers low light reflection that brings balance and a classic industrial presence to your design.


A rich, complex and technologically advanced finish that reflects the authentic patinas of industrial materials. The Rough Finish offers a distinctively coarse surface yet remains smooth enough for effective cleaning.