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It is important for you to know that Caesarstone’s product will retain its beauty and functionality for many years to come. Each Caesarstone quartz surface comes with a comprehensive 25-Year Limited Warranty – warranties are provided by the authorized Caesarstone distributor in your region

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Complimentary Cleaning Kit & Demo

After installation and on receipt of your warranty registration information, we will provide you with a complimentary Caesarstone cleaning kit and a genuine stainless steel Caesarstone Authenticity Badge (this badge demonstrates authenticity of your Caesarstone product which you can attach to your countertop).

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Care & Maintenance

Warranty FAQ

Cracking is generally not covered under the Caesarstone® 25-Year Warranty​ as it typically occurs due to a fabrication or installation error, or as the result of mechanical stress and does not represent a fault in the Caesarstone® product itself.

If a crack does occur, please contact the interior design company or stonemason who installed your bench top as they will be able to provide further assistance.

External factors which can contribute to cracking include:

  • Inadequate underbench support
  • Incorrect placement of cutouts and joins
  • Lack of consideration for thermal expansion, thermal shock or excessive heat
  • A severe impact

In the unlikely event that you damage your Caesarstone®, please take note of the batch numbers of authenticity located on the underside of your material, and contact us on 9011 3559 or contact us online.

Depending on the damage, one of our experienced technical representatives will be able to advise you of your options and possible solutions.

While Caesarstone® is a very robust surface to begin with - stronger than both marble and granite in fact - there are simple measures you can take to ensure chipping doesn't occur.

  • Sharp non-radiused edge profiles should never be used. Caesarstone® recommends a minimum radius of at least 3-4mm on any edge profile. The larger the radius, the more resistance the edge will have to impact.
  • If the benchtop incorporates an undermount sink, then the top edge of Caesarstone® sink cut out must be a minimum radius of 6mm to minimise risk of chipping should a heavy pot hit this edge.
  • Ensure cupboards and drawers are installed correctly and don't make contact with the Caesarstone® surface when opening and closing.
  • Take care to not drop heavy items onto a Caesarstone® benchtop.

Caesarstone Mineral™ surfaces can be easily repaired. Please call 9011 3559 to find out more.