Brazil Embraces Caesarstone Kitchen Designs


Brazil Embraces Caesarstone Kitchen Designs

Caesarstone expanded into Brazil over the past couple of years. The country, said to be one of today’s fastest growing economies, presents a great opportunity for the company and its four local distributors. In a recent exhibition at the pulsing city of Sao Paulo, the world’s second largest city, Caesarstone showcased its grand 'total look' kitchen. It attracted tens of thousands of visitors, specifically architects & designers along with industry figures from all over Latin America.

The company's red vibrant kitchen stood out and became a meeting place for visiting Architects & Designers. Information was exchanged on kitchen design and functionality. The audience was very interested in the 'Total Look' kitchen design concepts and impressed with the 'Touch' sensor technology.

"Caesarstone's believes in localizing its kitchen design concepts to various cultures and environments," Says Dalia Kliger, Caesarstone's In-House Kitchen Designer. "Given our worldwide operations, we receive ideas and inspirations from everywhere. The company customizes its designs to local flavors and cultures. As everyday life varies from culture to culture, this impacts the functionality of the kitchen and we incorporate that into our design concepts."

The company's presence in Brazil has been growing rapidly in the past several years. Our innovative and creative kitchen design concepts have been embraced by the Brazilian audience. Different kitchen showrooms throughout the country showcase Caesarstone's Kitchen design, and the demand for Caesarstone kitchens is on the rise.

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