Different Applications for Caesarstone’s Engineered Quartz

Different Applications for Caesarstone’s Engineered Quartz

Caesarstone has been consistently breaking ground and trailing blazes in the quartz genre. With a large cache of stylish, up-to-date, and forever timeless designs in their collection, we offers quality as well as innovative designs to suit any home interior.

But more than anything else, Caesarstone prides itself on providing the ultimate functional versatility to its clients. Our quartz surfaces can be used in several ways throughout your homes, offices, and retail commercial spaces. Further, we’ll elaborate on some of them so that you can have a better idea of our application. Let’s take a look:

1. Kitchen Countertops & Islands

Non-porous and highly safe, Caesarstone surfaces are perfect for kitchen countertop. It’s strong, durable, stain/scratch resistant, and can withstand high temperatures so the surface remains spotless. Moreover, you can choose your pick from a number of countertop designs – from intricately veined marbles to ruggedly industrial cementations – all in sturdy engineered quartz. You can find a number of textures and designs to suit your kitchen themes.

2. Wall Cladding

Quartz wall cladding is not only hard-wearing but also incredibly stylish. It’s an excellent way to make your spaces feel upscale, classy, and modern. Caesarstone surfaces deliver a wide variety of incredibly durable designs that you can choose from. You can even clad commercial wall lobbies or retail statement walls with these quartz surfaces.

3. Bathroom Vanity Tops

Bathroom vanities are another potential application surface for Caesarstone products. More than anything else, a vanity is the ‘face’ of the overall bathroom interior. This means that it should be properly designed for your bathrooms to have any presence at all. You can choose from a vast variety of Caesarstone surfaces to clad your vanity in. It can match and contrast with the floor or wall tiles, and can even extend to the backsplash.

4. Customized Furniture

Bespoke furniture provides the perfect opportunity to emulate quartz accents in your spaces. They exude an understated luxury that seeps into the rest of the ambiance and comes off as very posh. Therefore, you can choose your pick of any quartz surface that you’d like to furnish your dining table, end tables, or coffee tables with from Caearstone’s catalogue. Not only would you be investing in durability and strength, but also elegance and sophistication.

 5. Flooring

Caesarstone surfaces offer a sleek and natural warmth on your floors. Floors have a high density of foot traffic and face constant wear and tear, so the materials used needs to be sufficiently strong as well as stylish. Once again, Caesarstone got you covered. Within our huge variety of quartz surfaces, you can definitely find something that you love- especially in residential, office and retail zones.



As you see, the wide application of Caesarstone surfaces makes us highly versatile in both a visual and functional manner. You can check out the newest additions to Caesarstone’s Metropolitan and Supernatural collections which are absolutely stunning and would make a bold, beautiful and classy addition to your home.


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