Caesarstone® New Dark Collection 2020/21 and New Natural Finish

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Making of The Dark Collection

The Dark Collection in a Home

The dramatic flip in aesthetics for kitchen and bathroom – from a pristine, virtually all-white colour palette to a bold, intense array of velvety blacks – has created a new mindset for renovators and designers where surfaces ranging in hue from ebony, jet and onyx sit side by side with luxurious brushed and aged metals (think brass, bronze, copper and rose gold) and medium to dark woodgrain cabinetry.

Caesarstone, at the forefront of kitchen and bathroom innovation, has released a new Dark Collection of quartz surfaces that perfectly reflects the mood for black. Suitable for benchtops, splashbacks and walls the collection also introduces a brand new surface finish – Natural. This slightly textured finish emulates the tactile experience of stone, with a satin sheen and slight grain.
The slightly textured Natural Finish (left) vs Polished (right).

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The ultimate in dark – and richly luxurious – is 3101 Piatto Black™. Sporting the new Natural finish, Piatto Black has a fine granular appearance complemented by its textural grain. Overall this serves to create a much deeper, more intense black than we are used to seeing in engineered stone benchtops. Piatto Black is the bold choice in kitchen and bathroom design with statement benches and vanities delivered on a grand scale and teamed with equally bold coordinating surfaces such as industrial concrete, dark, rich woodgrains and lavish marble.

3101 Piatto Black™

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5101 Empira Black™ has a dark base composed of rich, deep black beautified by light natural veins. Inspired by the authentic characteristics of natural forms, Empira Black comes in two finishes – Polished and Natural. The Polished finish endows the space with the sophistication of real marble, while Natural finish heightens its elegant feel without overwhelming its innate essence.

5101 Empira Black™ – Natural

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4735 Oxidian™, in the new Natural finish, presents a slightly textured grain that consumers can truly feel. Tarnished with an oxidised russet effect that is distributed unevenly, just like real rust. It combines well with other industrial materials like concrete and lumber, ideally complemented by gunmetal or black cabinetry, and with brushed steel or copper hardware.

4735 Oxidian™

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5810 Black Tempal™ offers a more nuanced take on the dark colour palette. A captivating interpretation of dark travertine, Black Tempal’s deep charcoal base is a direct contrast to the veil of soft mineral deposits across its surface. In the new Natural finish, coupled with this complex layering, creates a perfect canvas for a variety of decorative elements from tinted tiles and brushed steel hardware to slate, raw concrete and handmade ceramics.

5810 Black Tempal™

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Caesarstone’s new Dark Collection of Piatto Black™, Empira Black™, Oxidian™ and Black Tempal™ are part of the wide array of quartz surfaces available for South East Asia. Visit our Caesarstone® Experience Centre to see the beauties in large displays, or go to to request for your samples to be mailed to you.