Caesarstone presents Stone Age Folk by Jaime Hayon

Palazzo Serbelloni
Corso Venezia 16, Milan
April 3rd-8th 2017, 10am - 7pm
Press preview: Monday, April 3rd, from 12:00-14:00

Stone Age Folk, Milan installation – Sketch by Jaime Hayon

February 2017: Leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone returns to Palazzo Serbelloni to unveil "Stone Age Folk" by Jaime Hayon, the pinnacle event of their year-long collaboration with the world renowned Spanish designer for the 2017 Designer Collaboration Programme. Inspired by flora, fauna and folklore from different cultures, Jaime Hayon designed an architectural pavilion, which references the famous Crystal Palace built in Hyde Park, London for the Great Exhibition of 1851, combining over 48 Caesarstone colours with metal and stained glass.

Within the historical backdrop of the Palazzo's Ballroom, Caesarstone's quartz material is meticulously handcrafted and implanted into the metal frame of the pavilion as a precious jewel within Hayon's whimsical Caesarstone universe. Employing traditional high-end stone marquetry and stained glass window techniques, the designer is imbuing the space with his eccentric spirit and artistry to create a fantasy world made of different colours, forms and shapes. This fantasy world is inspired by the natural environment, the animal kingdom, and folklore of different cultures, ranging from Hungarian myths to African tribal influences.

Tribal masks and Hayon’s signature clowns faces are featured on large-scale wall panels and presented alongside playful carousels made of Caesarstone, furniture pieces and light fixtures. Further demonstrating the versatility of Caesarstone’s material, through the lively, visionary eyes of the designer, dining tables, small coffee tables and cabinets become bird-like characters and animated faces. Together, all the pieces contribute to the kaleidoscopic feel of the installation and enable the visitor to playfully interact with the material in a fresh, unexpected way.

"We are honoured to collaborate with imaginative, boundary-breaking designer Jaime Hayon for this year's Milan installation. We are especially drawn by the way he uses Caesarstone as a key element of his whimsical universe. His all-immersive plunge into experimenting with Caesarstone materials further emphasises the boundless possibilities of using our premium surfaces and the way these can inspire unexpected creations in the world of design." Eli Feiglin, VP of Marketing at Caesarstone
“The underlying idea behind the collaboration was to raise the Caesarstone material to another level and accentuate its noble qualities. This proved to be a really interesting inspiration, using the Caesarstone quartz in an artistic context, and exploring new ways that bring a luxurious quality to the material. In Milan I want to show how flat surfaces can come to life and that you can build something amazing with Caesarstone and accomplish results that are really beautiful.” Jaime Hayon, Designer

Face cabinet at Interior Design Show, image by Vicky Lam
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