• Testimonials Astley.jpg

    Interview with Astley Ng, Regional Design Principal at Sky Creation

    Astley’s vision of the future is the main driving force behind the company. Always keen to explore new avenues and resources, his infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy has earned him customer trust and countless creative licences.

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  • Testimonials Weikey.jpg

    Interview with Famous Architect Alfred Wieneke

    We are so happy to meet Alfred! A very nice guy and very practical which is why all his clients really love his work and trust him to build and design their homes.

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  • alex.jpg

    Alexis Nicosia - Singapore

    Alexis is a European entrepreneur based in Singapore. After a successful upscale F&B venture in Monaco he pursued his entrepreneurial dreams in Shanghai and then decided to join an oil brokerage firm in another fast-growing Asian economy, Singapore.

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  • RnR-Logo-for-website.png

    Wilson Teh – Singapore

    Rezt & Relax Interior have chosen Caesarstone as their quartz surface of choice because of its unique choice of colours and it's adaptability to different interior design styles.

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  • Jae-Omar---USA.jpg

    Jae Omar - USA

    Jae Omar loves implementing Caesarstone quartz surfaces into his overall design vision as they offer him an innovative path to achieving ultimate balance with nature.

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  • Reuben's---South-Africa.jpg

    Reuben Riffel - South Africa

    Reuben Riffel enjoys working on Caesarstone quartz countertops in his celebrity chef kitchen as they represent the quintessential fusion of creativity, practicality and perfectly cool beauty.

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  • Dan-Menchions---Canada.jpg

    Dan Menchion - Canada

    Dan Menchions is a founding partner of II BY IV Design Associates Inc., an internationally recognized design firm based in Toronto, Canada...

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  • Jacques-Kallis--South-Afric.jpg

    Jacques Kallis - South Africa

    Jacques Kallis, a perfectionist cricketer, loves the cool look and feel of the silky Caesarstone quartz countertops and has creatively implemented them in his bar, kitchen and scullery at home.

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  • John-Sofio---USA.jpg

    John Sofio - USA

    John Sofio selects Caesarstone quartz countertops for a wide array of building projects as they offer him the ultimate combination of form and function, diversity and durability.

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  • Testimonial - MasterChef Julie Goodwin_Small.jpg

    Julie Goodwin - Australia

    "I chose Caesarstone® because it’s tough enough for all the cooking I do and its really beautiful as well."

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  • Mim-Design---Australia.jpg

    Mim Design - Australia

    Mim Design has chosen to work with Caesarstone quartz surfaces for over 6 years and values the quality, colour choice, aesthetic durability and design flexibility offered by the product.

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  • W Atelier logo.jpg

    Daniel Magg – Singapore

    W Atelier choose Caesarstone because of its variety and quality of colours.

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