Testimonial: Vatos Cantina Restaurant Counter uses Caesarstone Outdoor

Vatos Cantina is a restaurant, located in a park just outside of Holland Village MRT in Singapore. The standalone shipping containers and outdoor patio, reminiscent of the Mexican street food culture in the US, make it a great place to have a few drinks and people watch.

We interviewed Sid Kim, Restaurateur and Founder of Vatos International, and asked him about the Caesarstone transformation at Vatos Catina:

“We started in Seoul, South Korea 10 years ago and now we have 2 restaurants in Singapore, including Vatos Cantina. I always wanted to recapture the original Vatos industrial feel, and this is the result. We’re outside with some lovely outdoor seating, watching people walking by, having some beer, with some of our Korean-Mexican food, which is our specialty.”


Challenges in an Outdoor setting

Sid added: “We’re exposed to the elements out here at a park – lots of rain, wind, leaves, and dead bugs. Originally, we had a concrete tabletop at our outdoor patio, and although they look pretty nice, the surface was uneven and after the rain, the rainwater would pool. Customers had to avoid the patches that remained damp even after wiping off the water, and we want to avoid any chances of mosquito breeding. Concrete was also porous and difficult for us to get into the nooks and cranny, and discoloured over time being outside.”

“In a pandemic, sanitation is extremely important. Caesarstone is non-porous, so we know that once we wipe it clean, it would be a safe, hygienic surface for our staff and customers’ use. ”


 - Sid Kim, Restaurateur and Founder of Vatos International





Using 406 Clearskies™, from the Caesarstone Outdoor Collection

Sid chose the 406 Clearskies™ from the Caesarstone Outdoor Collection, an earthen concrete-like quartz surface with a rugged look and feel, similar to the existing concrete countertop, minus the upkeep. He shared: “We switched to Caesarstone and had these replaced on our outdoor countertops. Now, we find it very easy to maintain. As you know, in a pandemic, sanitation is extremely important. Caesarstone is non-porous, so we know that once we wipe it clean, it would be a safe, hygienic surface for our staff and customers to use. And it also looks great and can maintain its appearance for a long time. We’re happy we got these Caesarstone.”

Designed and tested to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions, 406 Clearskies™ combines all the durable, stain-resistant and heat-resistant qualities of Caesarstone into a surface that is perfect for both interior and exterior designs with its UV resistant technology.

Caesarstone works with the leading sustainability organizations in the green building sector as part of its sustainability leadership. All Caesarstone surfaces are compliant with the International Health and Safety Foundation sanitary standard NSF51, ensuring that our working surfaces are safe for use in all food environments, including hotels and restaurants. For more on our Environmental Commitment, read here.


Before: Concrete top with mould (left), pitting (middle), and uneven surface leading to puddles (right).


Dried bird poop, and good as new after a simple wipe off



Fresh and clean after wiping off dirt mark


Collection: Caesarstone Outdoor

Colour chosen: Caesarstone 406 Clearskies™, a beton grey endowed with tiny flecks bringing the earthen look of organic materials.

Visit Vatos Cantina on 281 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278996. Opening hours as advised.