6134 Georgian Bluffs

6134 Georgian Bluffs
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Discerning. Light-toned.

Georgian Bluffs™ reveals a discerning marble interpretation characterised by its soft light grey base with streams of white and grey veins. Its natural look and feel offer an extraordinary industrial edge.


Uniquely crafted, Georgian Bluffs™ evokes a timeless appeal working in harmony with a broad range of interior design styles, eras and materials. Pair with organic materials for a modern earthy style or metallic materials for a semi-industrial feel.


 View 6134 Georgian Bluffs™ in-person

6134 Georgian Bluffs samples are only indicative of a part of a slab, and we strongly encourage viewing displays in your nearest Caesarstone Showroom or Kitchen Retail Showroom to appreciate first-hand the nature of this high movement design.

Care And Maintenance

  • Non-Porous
  • Clean with regular detergents
  • No sealing or waxing!
  • Heat resistant

Technical Information

  • Thickness: 20 mm
  • Finishes: Polished
  • Sizes: 1400 mm * 3000 mm